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A: I have a question about the magazine design project -

B: Oh yes, we all have questions.

A: Um, so, are we supposed to write about specifically about print design, or about trends in our given time period?

B: You can write about whatever you want. The sky's the limit.

A: So, it would be okay if I wrote about fashion? And sort of, how the bicycle contributed to feminism through fashion?

B: You could, but it would be extremely limiting. You would have to write about industrial design, and how functional design relates to architecture, and somehow incorporate print design into that.

A: That doesn't sound limiting. That sounds like I have a lot of options.

B: I really think you'd be better off if you wrote about...[insert rant about obscure illustrators of the 1890s and their influence on such and such a thing that I really don't give a fuck about] Why do you want to write about fashion, anyway?

A: Because, uh, we're making magazines, and fashion is my favorite thing to read about in magazines.

B: But that's not what this project is about, really.

A: ...So we have to write about print design.

B: Well, yes, this is a print design class.

A: But you said...oh jesus christ, what's coming out of my ears?!

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